My Elbert (2011-2021) Research On Attentional Processing

Brain networks of attention arise in infancy and are related to individual differences, including pathology during childhood. Methods of training attention may improve performance and ameliorate pathology. Retrieved from “There is research on longitudinal and reciprocal relations among behavioral sleep problems and emotional and attentional self-regulation in a population sample of 4,109 children participatingContinue reading “My Elbert (2011-2021) Research On Attentional Processing”

My Elbert: Goes International

MY ELBERT is unlike any other program you have tried before.  That’s because I am not your typical educator.  This is an alternative education model that Now it’s your turn to enjoy measurable results… Provides the science-based solution to reach the core of diverse cerebral learning based on individual assessments, that eliminates failure once theyContinue reading “My Elbert: Goes International”   MY ELBERT: EVERYONE LEARNS BETTER EMBRACING REVOLUTIONARY TEACHING IS The first Specialized Online Coaching Curriculum.  I’ve spent the last 20 years perfecting an alternative, holistic approach to correcting learning differences, including, but not limited to, Dyslexia and Neurodevelopmental differences. I coach teachers, specialist, parents, reading tutors, carers, etc. on neruodifference learning uniquenesses, characteristics, gifts,Continue reading

My Elbert: Iron Cleeting

The Fractalkine/CX3CR1 System Regulates β Cell Function and Insulin Secretion 2 – Retrieved from Neuroimmune Reactions, Mental Heath & Neurodegenerative Disorders Metal-based Toxicity   Researchers at Gladstone Institute, have found that calm reduces levels of the protein tau, which is  known for its role in Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative  conditions, changes excitatory andContinue reading “My Elbert: Iron Cleeting”